Well Designed and Developed Applications

What lies beneath? A well prograsmmed application will never leave you asking that question.


Route Scheduling Utility

This scheduling/routing utility was developed for the largest document destruction company in the metro New York/New Jersey region. The server-based utility was developed as an ASP/database application that allows managers to input orders and schedule and track pick-ups. It also generates reports for financial applications and reports on user activity.



E-Learning Shell

Proprietary, SCORM compliant, e-learning template. This template was programmed using native web languages and scripting. It is designed to track a learners progress while providing a consistent navigation experience. The template takes the overhead out of building a lesson allowing the focus to be on sound instructional design.



Custom ASP Applications

If your needs go beyond those of a standard web "brochure," a custom ASP application may be the solution for you. Some of the many applications that have been developed for clients include: ecommerce / storefront, newsletters, e-lerts, mailing lists, scheduling agents, payment gateways, and many more...

If you can dream it, we can build it.



Content Management Systems

If you have the experience and need to edit the majority of information on your web site, a content management system may suit your needs. These systems require up-front programming and are somewhat restrictive on the design.